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ISEEP and CEDP Education

Benefits and Salient Features


CEDP revises its curriculum periodically as per the industry requirement and offers latest subject and technologies empowering the students to get knowledge and the skills to be employable.

Examination System

The examination pattern ensures that the understanding and knowledge of the candidate is extensively tested .The exam centers are established at reputed institutions all over India keeping in mind that students do not have to travel much for appearing in examination,

Communication & Soft Skills

irrespective of the course chosen, the student takes up the subject of communication and soft skills that includes communication English, presentation skills etc. enabling the students to present himself in a better position in front of the prospective .

Class Rooms

CEDP establishes learning center with adequate class rooms and required amenities for teaching and learning. It almost replaces the regular mode of education where the students can take lectures and interact with faculty and fellow students. Modern teaching aids like Television, over Head projector, LCD , white boards etc .are extensively used for the delivery of education


Learning centers are equipped with lab facilities including computers, high speed internet connectivity, medical equipments & chemicals, designing labs, drafting tables, sewing machines, back end kitchen, advance kitchen etc. as per the course applicable. many Cs also have industry tie ups with hotels & restaurants, hospitals and clinics and other such establishments to give hand on industry exposure


CEDP has set norms for the minimum qualifications of the faculty who conduct classes at the learning centers .TO keep the facultyies update with the latest technologies the faculty development programmes are periodically organized at regional levels.


The learning centers have well stocked library having reference book, magazing and journals, newsletters etc. for further reading on the subject.

Course material

To make learning easier, effective and interesting CEDP has started providing most of its course material in the Books . Books are closer to reference material than to learning texts, They are the instruments for learning which present the information in a detailed from and facilitate independent learning, other than this the learning center provode notes to the students.

Multi-Tasking opportunity

As the programme requires only 2 hours of study everyday, it empowers the students for multi-tasking like employment self entrepreneurship,family business, house keeping or continuing a dual degree programme.This saves a lot of precious time and money.

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Corp. Office: Near HP Petrol Pump, Dr. K.K. Noria Street Market, Bathinda (Pb)-151001. ______________________________________________ Regd. Office: Shop No. 3, Gate No. 2, Bhagwati Enclave, Bathinda, Punjab-151001


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